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The job is hard enough. Time for a lucrative innovation!

I have put an end to invoice reductions.

You are there!

The fairforce.one potential calculator
for recovery and towing companies for free download.

Gain clarity about your individual sales potential with just a few clicks!

Send the form now and receive the potential calculator free of charge.

After a short data check you will receive the download link.

One-two-three - you're in!

1. take part in live online training

Step by step to digital claims settlement. Easy as pie. Quickly achieved.

2. activation of your account

After the online training, your personal advisor will contact you and activate your account.

3. inspire your customers

With every claim that your customer settles through us, you earn €30 plus whatever is not deducted.

How to generate more revenue as a salvage service and avoid invoice reductions

Always this trouble with the insurance company, which cuts your bills wherever it can.

Use the few free minutes to take effective countermeasures. With an additional service that brings you additional business, improves your earnings and at the same time keeps you out of trouble with the insurance company.

If your customer uses claims settlement via the fairforce.one network, you kill three birds with one stone:

And the best thing is: you do the rest as usual. This means that all your existing agreements with car dealerships, garages, experts and vehicle recyclers remain unaffected.

How does that work?

We provide you with a state-of-the-art, data protection-compliant online platform. Self-explanatory and very easy to use.

And because we know that nobody in the industry wants boring training, everything you need to know is clearly explained in just 45 entertaining minutes.

Clear recommendation: Invest 45 minutes of your time in online training with your consultant and you too can earn €30 in 3 minutes from now on.

Developed by practitioners for practitioners.

Why do you regularly invest in modernising your fleet and your recovery technology? Because it is expected of you! It's no different with the communication tools used by recovery companies. Today's customers organise their lives using their smartphones and tablets. Banking, shopping, even the next acquaintance are now regularly organised via mobile devices. As a recovery specialist, you become a valuable helper and point of contact for the customer in an emergency situation. With our online platform, you can offer your customers the optimum digital registration service. Without paper. Without bureaucracy. Without problems.

Your customer reports the accident to fairforce.one via your account and you then jointly enter the initial settlement-relevant details online. Send, done!

Within 30 minutes, your customer will receive an initial assessment of their claims against the insurance company. Thanks to our special system set-up, we can provide you with this qualified preliminary assessment free of charge.

This is what makes our online platform so attractive for you:

"Now you want me to learn a new programme too? Well, thank you!"

Don't have the time or inclination to familiarise yourself with yet another piece of software? That's right. We see it the same way.

This online platform is completely self-explanatory and easy to use.

When, if not now, do you want to tap into new sources of income?

You are an entrepreneur. So - do something about it. You can cope better with fewer orders if you can earn more money per order. And you can do that as soon as the insurance companies stop cutting your invoices because we ensure FAIR REGULATION.

With over € 20 million in coordinated compensation in the last 30 months, we may no longer be a classic start-up, but we are just as innovative and hungry.

We will give you new impetus and €30 in compensation for each data record you provide for our joint customers.

Maybe you should just do the maths: With our POTENTIAL-RECHNER for tow trucks, you will quickly realise for yourself: This elephant is not about peanuts!

100 % performance. Zero costs. Maximum security.

This is our PACKAGE for you.

While the whole world is still talking about economic stimulus packages, we've already packed yours. During the first three months you pay nothing, zero, nada. No licence fees, no deployment fees, no training fees. Everything is free for you.

Instead, €30 for each data recording taken over. For you. Guaranteed.

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