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Expert at home, rental car at the workplace, booking your favourite garage, settling accounts with the insurance company, legal protection in the background ... 

We think of everything. We save your time.

Via our cloud-based service centre in Leipzig, we organise the fair settlement of your accident from notification to conclusion.

As a digitally organised network of specialists, we open up a new quality of claims settlement for our customers.

You can track the progress of your accident settlement at any time via our innovative KIS (Customer Information System) - but you don't have to ;-).

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It's as simple as that:

1. simple message

You click your accident simply and conveniently here on the home page.

Or you can call our free hotline 0800 - 30 111 60.

Both ways are completely non-binding and completed in just a few minutes.

2. free examination

A specialist will contact you within 3 minutes*. Our experts will personally and individually assess your status quo and the best next steps for you.
Guaranteed free of charge!

If you choose us, you will receive your personalised order directly and securely on your smartphone during the phone call.

3. clarity & enforcement

You will receive a legal assessment on your smartphone within 24 hours*.

Your workshop and your valuer will be involved or we will put you in touch with certified specialists.

The enforcement of your claims for damages has already begun.


More power

Thanks to our authorisation as a legal service provider, we can examine a full 16 types of claim for every injured party.

If you then instruct us to enforce the claim, the insurance company will also reimburse our settlement fee in accordance with the Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz (RVG).

More clarity

You are always up to date via your smartphone - without having to download an app!

Progress, documents, payout amounts - our customers love this clear overview.

More lifetime

"Everything went by itself and I didn't have to worry about anything myself ... I'm completely satisfied."

Our customer reviews prove us right and make us proud.

What our customers say:

Accident settlement in comparison

Workshop or expert

Claims are not fully recognised.
  • Expertise in motor vehicles
  • No defence against false attribution of blame
  • Compensation for pain and suffering and personal claims not taken into account
  • No real-time information

We think of everything.
  • Time required: low
  • Defence against unjustified accusations of guilt & fines
  • Personal support
  • Clarity about existing claims
  • Access to expert network
  • Increased payout
  • High planning security
  • Your favourite workshop, your favourite expert
  • Real-time information on regulatory progress

On your own

You have to think of everything yourself.
  • Insurance pays as little as possible
  • Time required: High
  • Risk of uncovered residual costs: High
  • Risk of incorrect debt distribution: High
  • Probability of unconscious loss of performance: extremely high

How is financed

In the event of an accident through no fault of your own = liability claim

And what's the catch? Can this service really be free of charge? Yes and no.

If you instruct us to settle your accident not caused by your fault, our licence as a legal service provider allows us to invoice the enforcement of your claims to the insurance.

To be precise, this is an invoice in accordance with § 2 and § 13 of the German Lawyers' Fees Act (RVG), i.e. exactly as you would expect from any lawyer.

We submit this invoice together with all your existing claims to the insurer liable to pay.

Means for you:

1. you therefore have no costs from us, because our fee is part of your legal claim for compensation. And this is borne by the insurance company.

2. since the amount of the RVG invoice is regulated by law and is calculated according to the amount of damages obtained for you, we have a common interest: That what you are legally entitled to is actually obtained for you in full.


The first inspection of your accident - if you are injured through no fault of your own or if you are at fault - is always guaranteed to be free of charge.

In the event of a self-inflicted accident = comprehensive cover claim

If you are at fault for the accident, this means that you or your comprehensive insurance will pay for the restoration.

Good news:
Here, too, you can hire us with a clear conscience. We will receive a settlement fee of 15 % from you from the payout achieved for you in the end for accompanying your self-inflicted accident. This means you can rest assured that we will only be paid if we have been successful on your behalf.
Experience from many thousands of cases shows that our network of specialists regularly achieves better payouts for you and, above all, saves you a lot of time and effort. So it's worth it for you. Just try us out!

ISO-certified quality management

In 2018, just one year after it was founded, fairforce had its entire software and the processes it maps externally audited and certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard.

Most recently, in April 2024, following a detailed audit with TÜV-Süd, the up-to-dateness of fairforce's quality management was reconfirmed and certified.

Why a green elephant?

We are asked this time and again. That's why it's now here as a separate category.

When it came to deciding which corporate values should be recognisable in our brand design, there was suddenly an elephant in the room.


But most importantly:

It is said that the elephant forgets little. Our digital elephant forgets nothing and thinks of everything for you!

And why green?

Quite simply: try NOT to think of a green elephant right now! 😉